100 % CPU usage and heating are some of the few problems that have risen after the new Google ChromeOS update

The new update of Google Chrome is causing various performance issues and heating problems.

Since users began updating to ChromeOS 85.0.4183.108 and later, devices get hot, fans are running at high speed, and the battery is drained too quickly. Users have also reported that the Google Play started using 95-100% of CPU and that too for a extended period of time.

Users have been handling this bug by stopping the Google’s service which was causing this problem. Some people have also rolled-back to older versions of Chrome as it didn’t posted as of these issues.

Engineers at Google have claimed that the bug has risen because of certain missing files from the package. According to an engineer users are experiencing this behavior because CrOS is unable to determine delta changes in UID proc times due to missing files.

NPAV recommends users to wait for the patched update that will be released by Google. If your browser is not yet updated it is better to wait for a patched and secure update. Researchers have claimed that Google will soon release the patched update in order to fix this bug.

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