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HOHO Search : Browser Hijacker…

Hohosearch basically an adware application that hijacks your browser’s homepage. This malicious program will change your homepage to and if you try to remove it, will just keep coming back. It will also cause PC slowness.

The infection has modified your browser’s settings, so that shows up everytime you open your browser or a new tab.


Common ways through which hackers can enter

Now a days internet is so huge. No one can say that i am safe on internet, no one will attack my computer.

But every computer is a target for Hackers

Unprotected computers can be valuable for hackers because of their computing power and internet connections.A hacker can simply add it a botnet or use it as a zombie computer to send out


Why is Unsecured Wi-Fi So Risky?

I’m sure that at some point you have listened to the radio. A signal goes out and all radios in range can tune in to the broadcast. WI-FI is essentially a radio signal that transmits and receives data. The access point and your computer exchange information, but all computers with wireless capabilities can receive the same data that your computer sends and receives.

The way to protect your data from other computers that might be snooping is to encrypt the data.