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Social Media Vs A Strong Anti-Virus

Social media and networking have become a popular way to interact with people around the world. It is not just a medium for social or personal interaction but also start-ups, small or large business houses and organizations have started using it for the digital marketing and promotion of their product, services, and company.


NPAV – The Best Anti-virus for Gaming Online 2019

As we all know that summer vacations are about to come. Nowadays, kids prefer to sit at home and enjoy rather than moving out in hot sun and play, which results in the popularity of online gaming. But these kids are unaware of the fact that their favorite hobby can also put their systems in risk from various viruses and malware.


9+ Warning Signs that Your Computer is Malware-Infected

As we all know that there is no specific viruses season for computers. Your computer can be infected anytime and corrupt your valuable documents, files. There can be a scene where you want to open a file on your machine but it takes much time to load and open the file or you are working on some important project and suddenly unwanted Ad pop-ups appear on the screen.