Ransomware is Out of Fashion, Enter Monero Mining

The criminal group behind previous Ransomware campaigns have now switched their focus to delivering a Monero cryptocurrency miner.

Monero price has gone from $132 on November 21 to $457. and now $374 as on 26-Dec-2017. That’s 3.4 times the price in one month.

Various cybercriminal campaigns switch their focus on delivering Monero miners —Zealot, Hexmen, Loapi, and this week’s massive brute-force attack wave that hit WordPress sites— and we expect to see more such attacks as Monero’s price continues to rise and gives attackers more reasons to hoard Monero.

The EXE installed XMRig, a legitimate Monero mining application, but pre-configured to mine funds for the hackers.

NsCpuCNMiner32.exe is a Trojan and Monero mining software that uses your computer’s CPU processor to mine the Monero digital currency.

This Trojan is spread as an executable, which when started will copy itself to all drives on the infected computer.

The Trojan’s primary purpose is to perform Bitcoin mining, and mining is the process of verifying and recording payments.

New Bitcoins are created as a reward for miners, and so by exploiting multiple machines to mine for Bitcoins, cyber criminals are capable of generating profit very easily and quickly.


When NsCpuCNMiner32.exe is launched it will use all of the available CPU processing power to mine the Monero digital currency. Trojan can make your PC useless, or it could even damage it.

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