Emotet Banking Trojan

Guess who decided to show up? No, it’s not Santa Claus, it’s the Emotet banking trojan that’s been around for a while and aims to harvest user’s sensitive financial information. Be careful!

For the past few weeks, NPAV researchers have been analyzing several spam campaigns containing the Emotet banking trojan and found that the malware authors have been using payloads to perform malicious actions.

Emotet is polymorphic, which means it can change itself every time it is downloaded, evading signature-based detection. Emotet can also use Command and Control servers (C&C) to launch an attack and send malicious commands.


NPAV  Detect and clean the virus.

If your corporate is infected with it then you must first Install NPAV Total security antivirus,

which will stop the emotet Virus and Protect your financial information and remove the infection.