More than 12,000 Google users targeted by government supported hackers

Google has recently found that more than 12,000 of it’s users were targeted by government hackers in the third quarter of this year.

Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) published a report that states that more than 90 percent of the targeted users were hit with “credential phishing emails” that tricked the victims into handing over the access to their Google account. Google’s TAG has tracked 270 government supported hacking groups from over 50 countries which were involved in intelligent collection, targeting dissidents, journalists, activists, and creating various destructive cyber attacks.

The warnings were sent in between July and September 2019 to the potential targets, which contained a list of journalists, activists, and politicians. The warnings were sent by Google to 149 countries in total, USA, Pakistan, South Korea, and Vietnam were the most targeted ones. Last year Google started offering email attack alerts to G Suite administrators so they can take required actions to protect their users and their organizations.

Users having a critical matter on the line can opt for some necessary security measures that will help them in keeping their cyber environment safe. Measures like regular updates which include proper and updated security patches must be installed, enabling 2-step verification for the services provided by Google, etc. are required to be taken to keep the attackers away.

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