Google eliminates 600 malicious apps from Play Store

Google has recently removed various malicious applications from its play store.

Nearly 600 apps were found violating Google’s policies and all of those were removed by Google. The apps were displaying disruptive ads and disallowed interstitial policy. Google AdMob and Ad Manager have also black listed all of these applications. There are various guidelines that the apps need to follow, failing which Google can take any appropriate action required.

The guidelines include that the apps should not force the users to click the ads, the ads should not misuse or interfere in the app’s operations, the apps should not have ads with inappropriate content, etc. Ads are one of the major sectors where the malicious activities and programs are planted and hence we need to be very aware of them.

Google’s action of removing 600 applications for misconduct displays the criticality of the issue. Officials from Google have stated that they are working on an innovative machine learning-based approach to detect inappropriate functioning of ads. NPAV recommends users to stay away from ads and develop a denial towards clicking them as they can easily infect the systems and steal data.

Use NPAV and join us on a mission to secure the cyber world.

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