IIT Madras suffers a massive ransomware attack!

All the research and exam data of IIT Madras gets encrypted.

IIT Madras recently suffered a ransomware attack where all the data of students, academics, and researchers got encrypted. The ransomware behind the attack is an unknown variant. The administration has ensured that all the compromised data will be recovered, but there are people who fear that the data loss can be permanent.

The attacker has circulated a ransom note that claims that all the data has been encrypted and will be decrypted only after paying the ransom. The contact information shared by the attacker is an email address in the ransom note. IIT’s general secretary has appealed to keep a backup of all the data as the organization has suffered a serious cyber attack.

Targeting an organization where the best technical researchers and students of the country are involved requires a massive and dangerous ransomware attack. If such institutions with experts and technical geniuses can be targeted, it’s an alarming state we are in. NPAV recommends using proper ransomware protection and always keeping multiple data backups so that no sensitive data is lost forever.

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