Beware of dangerous emails with subject “undelivered mails”

NPAV-Lab has identified password-stealing emails being sent out by hackers to steal user’s passwords. The email comes with the subject “You have [9] undelivered mails on (26 Mar 2020).”

The email can trick the user as the from name is the same as their company domain. There is a button in the body. “Release Pending messages to inbox“. NPAV Labs warns the user not to click on such links as this could enable the hackers to steal their email login credentials.

Password Stealing email

On clicking the button, the user is taken to the “Sign in to continue” page as shown below. Users will be tricked to enter their email password which will post it to the hacker’s server. Now the hackers will have your email id and also your password. This can be used for further cyber criminal activities.


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