Alerts about a new banking trojan Cerberus is being issued by CBI

A national alert has been issued by CBI, warning people about a banking trojan.

Cerberus tricks smartphone users to download malicious links that are related to COVID-19 pandemic. CBI has stated that this trojan focuses on stealing credit card details and some other personal information that can be used to launch various other attacks.

Trojan is a malicious software that looks safe to be used but has hidden rogue features to infect a system. This banking trojan uses messages with malicious link to circulate itself. Once the user downloads the attachment from link it starts various malicious campaigns.

The attacks launched by the trojan starts with phishing scams and then it moves to its info-stealing phase. There are various sources of such malicious links and websites that are using the fear of the pandemic to trick users into their traps.

Ministry of Home Affairs has also released a notice for the people who are working from home to keep an eye on cyber criminals. Various organizations and their employees are using different platforms to stay connected to one another and this may open a window for hackers to conduct malicious activities.

NPAV recommends people to stay updated about the news and alerts related to cyber crime. As people are using their phones and laptops at an higher frequency than before, NPAV recommends users to use the applications and web pages which are trustworthy.

Use NPAV and join us on a mission to secure the cyber world.

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