Ransomware attack on US based Garmin ltd. takes down operation

Garmin Ltd. is an American multinational technology company famous for manufacturing fitness devices.

The organization was recently hit by a ransomware attack that caused them to shut manufacturing operations and affected its website, and mobile application Garmin Connect also went offline.

While being under the attack, the company couldn’t receive calls or offer other online services such as live chat or email. All of Garmin’s facilities, including its aviation devices’ navigation service called flyGarmin, remained disconnected for over 20 hours.

WastedLocker is the ransomware that was brought into the light for this severe attack. The employees of the organization have tweeted that the ransomware has targeted the internal network of the company and has shut down a majority of its vital services.

Garmin’s aviation navigational service, which is far more detrimental as pilots use it for downloading data to navigational systems was also effected by the ransomware and has deteriorated the reputation of the organization.

The company has acknowledged the issue as one of the outages. Such attacks and service outages directly impact company’s reputation and business. The cyber security measures should always be updated and must be a step ahead of hackers.

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