19 dangerous mobile applications banned by Google with an alert to uninstall them immediately

Google has banned 19 dangerous android applications to protect millions of android users.

Google has been repeatedly trying and working to secure android application and have removed these apps as they contained some malicious adwares. The banned apps are from untrusted developers and are unsecure.

This adware takes over the moment the device is unlocked and plugged into a charger and is even able to launch its attack whether the infected app was open or not. Some of the apps are even able to hide from users by disappearing the moment they are downloaded.

The researchers found about this apps by monitoring the heavy volume of ad traffic generated by them. These apps had a total of 3.5 million downloads and hence, impacted a lot of users around the globe.

Here are all the apps that were deleted in the latest attack that Android users should remove from your phone immediately:

  • Auto Picture Cut: 100,000+ installs
  • Color Call Flash: 50,000+ installs
  • Square Photo Blur: 500,000+ installs
  • Square Blur Photo: 500,000+ installs
  • Magic Call Flash: 50,000+ installs
  • Easy Blur: 100,000+ installs
  • Image Blur: 100,000+ installs
  • Auto Photo Blur: 100,000+ installs
  • Photo Blur: 500,000+ installs
  • Photo Blur Master: 100,000+ installs
  • Super Call Screen: 100,000+ installs
  • Square Blur Master: 100,000+ installs
  • Square Blur: 50,000+ installs
  • Smart Blur Photo: 500,000+ installs
  • Smart Photo Blur: 500,000+ installs
  • Super Call Flash: 100,000+ installs
  • Smart Call Flash: 50,000+ installs
  • Blur Photo Editor: 5,000+ installs
  • Blur Image: 10,000+ installs

NPAV recommends users to go through the list and refrain from downloading the listed apps. If you are using any of these apps, please uninstall it immediately as it can act as a threat to your security.

Install NPAV to protect your devices from all kinds of cyber attacks. Use NPAV and join us on a mission to secure the cyber world.

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