Microsoft server’s and VPNs unpatched vulnerabilities are being exploited by hackers

CISA has claimed that Chinese hackers are targeting cyber environment of various countries.

In the advisory released by CISA, the agency has asked to patch flaws in several critical software and devices, including F5 BIG-IP devices, Pulse Secure VPNs, Citrix VPN, and Microsoft Exchange servers.

Hacker have been found to perform various malicious activities to jeopardize cyber security of various countries. Some of these instances include leaking data of 900 secure VPN servers, exploiting Microsoft Exchange server, and stealing 6 TB of data from Citrix VPN.

The agency stated that threat actors affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of State Security are using commercially available information sources and open-source exploitation tools to target various networks.

All the listed vulnerabilities have already being tackled by security patches that are available. The point of concern is that the organizations under threat have not yet upgraded their systems. Latency in the upgrade can cost the security and data theft of the organization.

There are mainly two vulnerabilities which are being targeted by the hackers. Big-IP Traffic Management User Interface and Pulse Secure VPN appliances are the reason behind most of these attacks.

NPAV recommends organizations and individual to always keep a proper check for the updates and patches of the software that are being used. Updating any software makes it more secure and hard to hack.

Install NPAV on your devices to protect them from all kinds of cyber attacks. Use NPAV and join us on a mission to secure the cyber world.



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