Malware vendor Triangulum returns with a new Android malware

Triangulum has been reported by security researchers for selling a new Android malware.

Dark web hacking forums are being used by a malware vendor Triangulum to sell new Android malware. Researchers have claimed that the vendor is a 25 years old man skilled in mathematics. The first malware reported from the same safe was back in 2017.

The first reported malware was a remote administration tool for Android which could collect data from the victim’s smartphone and transmit it to a C2 server along with having the ability to destroy not only user data but the entire operating system in itself.

The vendor has also worked with HeXaGoN Dev in the past to create 4 other dangerous malware. The new malware has two variants for the customers to buy from the dark web. The price and subscription for these variants depend upon their capability to download additional payloads.

The two vendors working together have created a more critical and dangerous malware that will spread and infect various systems if not taken care of. Developers of such malware have started gaining popularity and are becoming professional and dangerous every day.

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