Email Ids of Instagram users were exposed by a Facebook bug

The personal information of Instagram users was exposed due to a Facebook bug.

In a recent security research report, researchers have claimed that a Facebook bug is exploiting the personal data of Instagram users. The personal information exploited includes email addresses and birthdays both of which are claimed to be kept undisclosed by the platform.

The bug existed in Facebook’s Business Suite tool available for Facebook business accounts and offered access to a feature that the company was testing. This feature aimed to link Facebook and Instagram accounts of the user so that more information can be transmitted among them.

The attack worked on the private accounts which would not receive a profile viewed notification. A Facebook spokesperson has informed the users about the bug being active only in October. The bug was active in October as a result of some experiment that was being conducted.

Security researchers have previously reported that Instagram keeps the track of deleted chats and images for over a year. NPAV recommends users to always be aware of all the data and information security policies of all the apps that are in use.

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