Emails with fake COVID-19 OMICRON testing result report are being circulated by hackers

Fake COVID-19 test reports are being circulated by hackers through phishing emails.

Phishing emails informing about the contact with OMICRON positive coworker is being used by hackers to frighten users. The tone of the email is alarming and can easily trick users from different sectors.

The email contains a malicious attachment which is portrayed as a document which required signs of the user. If a user panics and downloads the attachment shared via this email, hacker’s can easily gain control of user’s device and network.

NPAV recommends users to stop trusting such emails from untrusted sources and refrain from downloading any attachment that they contain. Install NPAV on all your devices to keep them safe and secure from all kinds of cyber attacks.

Use NPAV and join us on a mission to secure the cyber world.

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