Free NPAV: Emergency APP

Net Protector LAB has developed and released a new Free App for Android Mobiles to help you in case you are in any kind of emergency. Kindly share this link with your Family Members, Friends and Relatives.

It is very easy to use and FREE and very helpful incase you need help from your buddies.

This APP will automatically Send SMS to your buddy numbers added by you and optionally also Automatically Dial one contact. The SMS will also contain you Location information.

To invoke the Emergency mode, you need to click the Power Button 3 to 4 Times.  The App will wait for Cancel confirmation, in case you have activated it unknowingly and you are actually not in an emergency.

Setting for the Application :

  • Emergency Settings On /Off.
  • Confirmation Timeout : (10 to 30 Seconds)
  • Send Sms Updates every how many minutes : 1 to 30 minutes
  • Enable the Option of Dial Contact Number.
  • Add Emergency numbers for Sending SMS. (You can add one or more)




When you press the power button 3-4 times, This SMS confirmation window will open:



freeDownload Emergency Call App



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