Fake account confirmation emails targeting login credentials are being circulated by hackers

NPAV research team has recently reported a new phishing email targeting user login credentials.

The circulating phishing email states that there has been a change in services agreement of certain essential services which require user permission to continue the working. The email also alerts the user about these services getting discontinued if the user doesn’t activate them within 30 days.

Once the user clicks on the “Confirm Account” button, the email redirects them to a login page requesting for email address and password of the user. This page is a hacker-controlled malicious page which will steal any entered information by the user.

NPAV recommends users to stop trusting these malicious phishing emails and refrain from providing any information through them. Install NPAV on your device to secure them with best-in-class security ensured by our products.

Use NPAV and join us on a mission to secure the cyber world.


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