Fake and fraudulent links promising refunds on tax payments are being circulated

Phishing links for paying taxes are surfacing which promise luring refunds.

Income tax department of India has tweeted about a fake link that claimed a refund on any tax payment initiated through it. The tweet’s screenshot is attached below:

In the above tweet income tax department has clearly stated that such offers and links are fake and phishing scams. People should use proper, safe and trusted sources to pay taxes and stop circulating and trusting such phishing campaigns.

NPAV recommends users to be aware of such scams and refrain yourself from forwarding them. Forwarding such scams and links make them stronger and will cause more and more damage.

Use NPAV and join us on a mission to secure the cyber world.

Referenced link:https://mobile.twitter.com/IncomeTaxIndia/status/1256815018596634627

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