Fraudulent link of DMart questionnaire to celebrate its 20th anniversary is being circulated by hackers

A fake WhatsApp forward titled as the 20th anniversary celebration of DMart is luring users into traps.DMart is one of the leading super market chains which provides alluring offers and big discounts on their products.

Hackers are using the name of this organization to spread a fake information phishing WhatsApp message. The forwarded message contains a malicious link which redirects users to a questionnaire.

The link claims that if the answers of the questionnaire are answered correctly, the reward will be a gift card of 5000 rupees. NPAV wants to inform all of its users that this is a scam started by hackers to steal personal information of users who fall for this trap.

NPAV requests users to stop trusting these scams and refrain from providing any sensitive information via links shared through this messages. Install NPAV on your devices and keep them safa and secure from all kinds of cyber attacks.

Use NPAV and join us on a mission to secure the cyber world.

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