NPAV Parental Control – Ensure appropriate and monitored use of internet, applications and devices for your kids

Net Protector introduces parental control to provide safe and secure cyber environment for your kids.

Importance/Requirement of Parental control feature:

In today’s world, internet and applications have become an integral part of our lives. Kids of this generation are no different and have an internet indulged lifestyle. Online classes, games, orientations and other extra-curricular activities are all dependent on internet and smart devices.

Parental control allows parents/guardians to control and monitor the content that their children are interacting with, giving a clear idea and control over the content that should/should’t be available for their child.

Listed below are few of out features which will allow you to provide your child with a carefree and healthy cyber environment:

  • Internet browsing control:
    Internet is being used very frequently by kids for their studies and entertainment. Internet browsing control allows you to block unwanted websites and content for your kids. You can directly block all the adult content for them or choose from a vivid category of websites sorted by us. Custom websites and URLs can also be blocked using this feature.
  • Screen time control:
    Overusing computers and smartphones can cause health hazards for your children. Screen time control feature allows you to monitor there on-screen time and apply restrictions over it. Once the time limit decide by you is exceeded, parental control will log the selected user out to keep the screen time under control.
  • Application Control:
    In the world full of quick-access apps, not all of them have benefits when it comes to your children. Application control provides you the control over the applications that can be used by your children under their user. You can decide the allowed/blocked apps for your kids according to their usage.

Install NPAV Total Security on your devices to avail beneficial features which will ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. Use NPAV and join us on a mission to secure the cyber world.

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