NPAV :: Windows 11 Best New Features you should know

NPAV is ready for Windows 11 and all of its new features nearing launch.

We continue to test, improve and provide best security for Windows 11 and all new Windows 10 versions as they are launched.  Our team is working for best Windows 11 Experience and Total Security and AntiVirus feature from Net Protector

When is it coming?
Oct / November 2021

Whats new in Windows 11:

Android apps on Windows.
Through a partnership with Amazon’s App Store, Microsoft will support Android apps. If you search for an app on Ms Store, and it happens to be an Android app, you’ll need to sign into your Amazon account to download it. The first time, you’ll also have to download the Amazon Appstore as a stand-alone app. From then on, Android apps from Amazon will run like any other Windows app.

Microsoft Store.
On top of adding Android apps, the Microsoft Store experience gets a cleaner look expected to offer faster performance. 

Snap layouts for apps.
Hover over a window’s Maximize button and you can position it and other open windows in different layouts. Open apps side by side on screen. Options as per screen size, e.g. smaller laptop = four layout.  big monitor = Six options.
Options are 1. side by side or  2. four at a time to maximize efficiency.
On touch screens resize by pinching or spreading fingers.
Snap configurations to group apps by topic such as “work.”

Start button 

  • Is moved to the bottom center, you can put it back to the left corner. 
  • Click on the Start button to get a list of your apps. 
  • Below that see cloud-powered recommendations of the apps and files you need next. e.g., if you’ve just looked at a Word document on your phone, it will pop up on Start Menu.


  • Users can pull information such as weather, news etc.  
  • Open a full window to see all their widgets 
  • or move to  one side of the screen. 
  • A new button on the task bar opens a widgets layout where you can see the latest news and weather. 
  • NPAV Widget coming soon to monitor your Security and receive security Tips


  • Like  MacOS’s Spaces, You can create different labeled desktops and group different apps or web pages open on them. 
  • Switch between desktops
  • E.g. “home,” desktop for personal shopping and entertainment and 
  • “work,” Desktop with office related browsers and apps, Zoom, Teams etc.

ARM Chip Support

  • Windows will work better with Arm chips from Qualcomm. 
  • While Microsoft and others will make apps for these chip types, 
  • Windows 11 is also designed to be better than Windows 10 at running native Windows apps on these new chips.

Work at Home Feature :
Universal mute button.

Windows 10 Latest Verisons NPAV is compatible with all these Windows 10 Versions also
Version 1803 April 2018
Version 1809 | |October 2018
Version 1903 | Build 18362 | May 2019
Version 1909 | Build 18363 | November 2019
Version 2004 | Build 19041 | May 2020
Version 20H2 | Build 19042 | October 2020
Version 21H1 | Build 19043  | May 2021

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