Phishing attacks are targeting Instagram users and stealing their credentials

A new phishing scam has recently come up and is targeting Instagram users.

The attackers are using fake copyright violation alerts to gain the credentials of the users. There is an urgency alert attached which leads the user to fall into the trap easily. The phishing emails has a fake notification regarding account suspension and requiring the user to fill a ‘Copyright Objection Form’ within 24 hours.

Phishing attacks generally trick the user to hand over their sensitive information by using an authentic-looking established organization’s name. Social media is a key portion of people’s life these days. Anyone who has a social media account doesn’t want to take any risk related to losing it. Attackers use such fears of the user to plant their attacks. The phishing email, in this case, contains a link which upon opening will redirect the user to a page that resembles the official Instagram page. The page asks the user to then enter their login credentials along with some other details.

The attacker receives the credentials and can use it for spreading malicious activities. A few days ago, one of the similar phishing attacks was reported by NPAV where the attackers used Amazon’s UI to fetch sensitive data of customers and use it against them.

If you are ever targeted by such attack, NPAV suggests you to immediately access your account. If you still have the access to your account, you should immediately change the password of the account. Changing the password will sign your account off from all the other logged-in devices. You should never submit your personal details and credentials through a mail link, no matter how secure they look. Any changes that could lead to a security breach must be done via an official application or website only.

Use NPAV for total protection against cyber attacks.

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