Phishing emails alerting users regarding email deactivation is being circulated by hackers

NPAV research team has reported a new phishing scam launched by hackers.

The phishing email being circulated is attached below. The email suggests that user has requested for email id deactivation and the process is in progress.

The email claims that the deactivation request can be cancelled if it was made by accident or without the knowledge of the user. For the cancelling of deactivation, user will have to click the “Cancel De-activation” button included in the malicious email.

Once the user clicks on this option, the email redirects to a login page requesting for user’s password. This login page is hacker-controlled and will steal all the information that the user enters through it.

NPAV recommends users to refrain from sharing sensitive information through these emails and links. These are mere phishing scams targeting user credentials and information for malicious purposes.

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