Redline information-stealing malware is stealing passwords stored in web browsers

The RedLine malware targets popular web browsers such as Chrome, Edge, and Opera.

The RedLine malware is a $200 malware unit that can be purchased by any cyber-crime unit for deployment. Passwords stored in the browsers can be easily accessed using this malware.

The malware targets the ‘Login Data’ file found on all Chromium-based web browsers and is an SQLite database where usernames and passwords are saved. Even if the users refuse to save their passwords, system adds an entry.

NPAV recommends users to stop storing/saving their passwords on browsers as these malware units can easily be used by hackers to access them. Using secure password managers is one of the most efficient way to ensure safety.

NPAV password vault is one of the most efficient product which can be used to manage your passwords with the security of 256-bit encryption. Using NPAV password vault ensures that the passwords of individual users and organizations are kept safe.

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