SBI alerts users regarding usage of public mobile phone charging points

SBI has circulated an alert message regarding data theft which can be executed through public mobile charging points.

Hackers can use public charging points to access bank and other passwords which can lead to huge losses for the users.

SBI recently tweeted that hackers can easily steal money from bank accounts and apps by accessing sensitive information and passwords saved in apps.

The process of using the charging socket of mobile devices to steal data or implant malware is called Juice Jacking. Hackers can easily access passwords, CVVs and other banking-related sensitive information from your phone and use it to their advantage.

NPAV recommends users to ensure that the public charging point is trustworthy and safe. Usage of powerbanks can also be a good alternative. Install NPAV on your device to keep them safe and secure from all kinds of cyber attacks.

Use NPAV and join us on a mission to secure the cyber world.

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