The Flubot Malware is back, hackers have found new ways to infect your Android phones.

FluBot isn’t a new malware, but it is spreading more vividly these days.

Our NPAV Team has came across a new type of SMS phishing scam running across the globe.

The Flubot has entered the market again and this time hackers have came up with new ideas to hack your android phones. The Flubot malware is an Android spyware that gains control of victim’s phones and steals their financial login and password credentials, revealing all sorts of private data from your android device.

Attackers are sending message warnings to the people that their phones have been infected with the virus or a new data breach. The user gets a message with an alert box “Your device is infected with the Flubot® malware”. These messages are indeed precisely fake.

The users are then imposed to click on an attached link to protect against the virus by installing an app. If the user clicks on the link, it actually installs a piece of malware on their devices.

If you get victimized by these attackers, your entire android device becomes accessible to scammers. This includes the potential to steal credit card numbers and access credentials to online banking accounts.

So, be safe in this Digital Era and avoid getting scammed by these mastermind Cybercriminals.
Install NPAV on your devices to ensure best-in-class protection from these cyber attacks.

Use NPAV and join us on a mission to secure the cyber world.

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