Youtube scammers imitated SpaceX by Elon Musk to steal $150k in bitcoins

Scammers tricked the users to send bitcoins and get double value in return using SpaceX impersonation.

Cryptocurrency related scams have been present for a while now and are impacting the victims every now and then. Elon Musk’s channel on Youtube has also been imitated multiple times by hackers and scammers to steal from users.

Reports have stated that the fraudulent channel has generated a total of $150k in just a few days. The channels highjacked by hackers are Juice TV, MaximSakulevich, and Right Human were renamed as SpaceX and SpaceX Live.

One of these channels had 230,000 subscribers while the other had over 130,000 subscribers. The highjacked channels were showing videos of Elon Musk in their live stream and were demanding bitcoins as investment from the viewers.

To top it all scammers also promised to lend out double the amount of investment to the viewers who invest in the program. During these live stream there were a total of 80,000 people watching it, which makes it clear how the hackers managed to gain such a big amount in just few days.

People still believe in giveaways and gaining huge profits from such channels and offers. NPAV wants to alert all its users to never invest any amount of money into such scams. You must be absolutely certain about the authenticity of the source before donating or investing any amount of money.

Use NPAV and join us on a mission to secure the cyber world.

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