MAKTUB LOCKER – New Ransomware Threat…

A widely distributed scam email that quoted people’s postal addresses links to a dangerous form of ransomware.

Emails linked to ransomware called Maktub.
The malware encrypts victim’s files and demands a ransom be paid before they can be unlocked.


Maktub doesn’t just demand a ransom, it increases the fee – which is to be paid in bitcoins – as time elapses.



The phishing emails told recipients they owed hundreds of pounds to UK businesses and that they could print an invoice by clicking on a link – but that leads to malware.

One remarkable feature of the scam emails was the fact that they included not just the victim’s name, but also their postal address.

 The data could have come from a number of leaked or stolen databases for example, making it hard to track down the source.



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