Fake Amazon look-alike survey site is being used by hackers to trick users into their traps

NPAV research team has recently reported that hackers have created a fake Amazon look-alike web page to target users.

The page created by hackers states that Amazon has chosen the user for a survey which on completion will reward the user greatly. The page claims that if the users complete the survey, they will be rewarded with a brand new Huawei Mate 40 Pro 5G Full Netcom 8GB +  256GB smartphone.

In order to generate an urgency among the users, hackers have stated that there are limited prizes available and the survey needs to be completed in 3 minutes and 44 seconds. To sound authentic the hackers have claimed that the survey will help Amazon to improve its service.

Users can fall into this trap as the hacker-controlled website has exactly same theme and layout as that of the official Amazon website. NPAV recommends users to stop trusting these scams and always check the authenticity of websites before interacting with them.

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