GoodWill ransomware is demanding acts of kindness for returning targeted files

Ransomware is not demanding any money but an act of kindness for returning encrypted files.

Like most other ransomware, GoodWill encrypts the usual file types – documents, databases, photographs, and videos – locking away your content.

GoodWill ransomware is however not demanding any money or cryptocurrency is exchange of decryption key. The only thing described is that the target needs to perform a good deed for the world and submit its video proof to them.

In a multi-page ransom note, the GoodWill ransomware tells you to perform three acts of goodwill. The first request is for you to donate new clothes and blankets to the homeless. The second requested act involves taking five poor children (under the age of 13) to Dominos, Pizza Hut, or KFC, and allow them to order any food that they wish.

The final requested act of goodwill involves providing financial assistance to those who need urgent medical assistance, but cannot afford to pay for it themselves. The ransomware attackers say that if you provide convincing evidence that you have done the above then they will provide a decryption tool.

NPAV wants its users to do all the good possible for the world but not under the influence of a ransomware. Install NPAV on all your devices to keep them safe and secure against ransomware attacks.

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