Hackers gain successful and unrestricted access to Paytm Mall’s database leading to data breach

Data breach at Paytm mall has allowed hacker to access and steal data from Paytm’s database.

Researchers have reported that the hackers are demanding ransom from Paytm and are selling its data on hackers forums. The amount of data stolen from the company is unclear. According to researchers the hackers behind the attack go by the online handle of “John Wick” and “Kelvin Sec”.

The hackers are reportedly demanding ransom and threatening to leak the data if their demands are not met. Moreover, researchers are also hinting that if the breach did take place it could be an “insider job” as well.

The hackers have not yet shared a proof of the data breach but have demanded 10 ETH for the data which was around $4,233. A Russian hacker forum is being used by “Kelvin Sec” to claim and sell the Paytm Mall’s database.

Hackers are willing to establish an email conversation with the potential buyers of the data. Paytm handles payment information and various other sensitive data of millions of Indian users. Data breach at Paytm is not only alarming but can cause huge menace.

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