JS-Sniffer attacks conducted by UltraRank hackers to compromise hundreds of websites

Hundreds of websites are being targeted by the malicious actors for their benefits.

A recent research has unveiled a huge digital skimming group that is responsible for conducting JS-sniffer campaigns on more than hundreds of websites and numerous third party suppliers for the past five years.

The hackers were found dropping malicious JavaScript codes into e-commerce sites with the aim to steal sensitive credit card information and other details from payment forms that were submitted on the checkout web page.

In February 2020, the hacker group targeted a US-based marketing company called the Brandit Agency. Once intercepted the UltraRank were able to compromise and infect JS-Sniffer into five websites created by the agency.

In a recent report researchers have claimed that in the last five years, the hacker group has compromised almost 700 websites and targeted 13 third party suppliers which include advertising, marketing, and web design agencies located in Asia, Europe Latin, and North America.

NPAV suggests website developers and handlers to pay attention and give priority to their security guidelines. The researchers have predicted that these attacks will increase and gain strength over time.

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