Fake Amul’s 75th anniversary contest with 6000 Rupees prize money is tricking various users

NPAV research team has reported a new phishing scam targeting users around the nation.

Hackers are forwarding an email containing questionnaire related to Amul. This email promises users a cash prize of 6000 Rupees.

Participants are supposed to answer few questions to win the cash prize. However, the email is fake and is merely a phishing scam trying to trap users.

Amul is a well-known and established brand name and hence, it’s being used by hackers to lay their traps. Once the user answer all the questions, the email starts phishing sensitive and personal information of the user.

NPAV requests users to refrain from interacting with these malicious emails. These emails can cause menace and security threats. Install NPAV on your devices to keep them safe and secure from all kinds of cyber attacks.

Use NPAV and join us on a mission to secure the cyber world.

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