Net Protector compatible with Windows 10

If you’re planning to migrate to Windows 10 you can do so with the reassurance that all Net Protector products are fully compatible with the new operating system so your security will continue to work following migration

Microsoft is putting a lot of weight behind its new operating system Windows 10. It’s free for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users signalling a major sea change for the vendor which has traditionally made its money from operating system sales.

With Windows 10, Microsoft is trying to make a compelling offer with an operating system that works across all devices from desktop PCs, to laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Millions of people are set to migrate to Windows 10, Microsoft has developed a process that enables antivirus software to be compatible with the new operating system.

Stay up to date with Net Protector Antivirus

Net Protector has already followed this process and all its security products are already compatible with Windows 10, so if you’re thinking of migrating then you can do so and still retain full Net Protector protection.

This is a positive move ensuring users have some form of protection. However a stand-alone antivirus platform such as Net Protector keeps users safe from all threats, such as zero day attacks, as many independent labs testify to.

The best migration experience is with up-to-date Net Protector protection. To enable this and make the process as simple as possible. Net Protector Antivirus has been silently upgrading customers to the latest Updates. This means migration to Windows 10 will be effortless while you also benefit from all the new Net Protector Features.

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