Google releases a critical security patch for Chrome in its new update, must be installed ASAP

Google has recently released an update for its Chrome browser.

This update includes a security patch which will cover 4 critical vulnerabilities of Google Chrome browser. Google has asked it’s users to immediately download and install this update on Windows, Linux, and MAC systems. Google has declared that it’s going to keep the details about the vulnerabilities to itself for a few days, so as to provide its users with enough time to download the update. If the vulnerabilities are made public, they might be used by the hackers for conducting attacks. Google released the update this Wednesday under the Chrome version 77.0.3865.90.

Chrome 77.0.3865.90 contains a patch for below-listed vulnerabilities:

  • Use-after-free in UI(CVE-2019-13685)- Reported by Khalil Zhani
  • Use-after-free in media(CVE-2019-13688)- Reported by Man Yue Mo
  • Use-after-free in media(CVE-2019-13687)- Reported by Man Yue Mo
  • Use-after-free in offline pages(CVE-2019-13686)- Reported by Brendon Tiszka

If these vulnerabilities are successfully exploited by the attackers, these can allow the attackers to execute codes in the context of the browser. The use-after-free vulnerability can also be used to access personal sensitive details, unauthorized actions, and cause DOS attacks. NPAV suggests the users to always stay updated and download the latest version of all the required applications for better and secure use.

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