Phishing scam titled “Zoom account suspended” aims to steal office 365 credentials

The phishing scam is sharing fake notifications of suspension for user’s Zoom account.

Zoom and Microsoft have both gained a lot of customer traffic during the pandemic. Microsoft has 75 million active users whereas Zoom claim to have 300 million active users daily throughout the globe.

The pandemic has made digital platforms a necessity for the people who want to continue with their work from home. Video conferencing applications are the most demanded and used ones in this pandemic situation and Zoom being one of the widely used is utilized by the hackers.

A new phishing attack has resurfaced targeting Microsoft 365 users, by impersonating the Zoom interface. In the latest attempt, hackers targeted victims by sending an email stating that their respective Zoom account has been suspended.

The main motive of this phishing scam was to steal login credentials of Microsoft 365 users. Hacker have made an exact copy of Microsoft’s login page and are aiming to get access to private and sensitive user data.

NPAV recommends users to always use strong passwords for their accounts and keep changing them in regular intervals. Two-factor authentication must be implied to get an extra security layer for your accounts.

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