Fake “System Updates” posed by a new malware targeting android users

New Android malware has been sending out fake “system updates” to trick users into its trap.

Security researchers have recently discovered a new Android malware that is capable of transferring infected files to user devices. The malware can also access the front and back cameras of devices to click and upload pictures periodically.

The malware is disguised in an app called “System Update” that has to be downloaded from a third-party store. It is a remote-access Trojan that receives and executes commands from a C&C server and offers a feature-rich espionage platform.

The malware can take complete control of the device as it can steal any format of data. The malware evades detection by the victim by reducing the network data it consumes. It achieves this by uploading thumbnails to its operators’ servers instead of launching the full image.

NPAV recommends users to refrain from using third-party app stores as there are security loopholes that can be used by hackers to launch cyberattacks. Install NPAV on your devices to keep them protected from all kinds of cyberattacks.

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