WhatsApp sessions are being highjacked by fake Netflix app present on Play Store

FlixOnline is the fake Netflix app that was reported for deploying wormable malware targeting WhatsApp users.

The main aim of the attack was to highjack WhatsApp chat sessions and to deliver a new Android malware through a fake Netflix app. The app lured its victims by providing a free Netflix premium subscription, while in reality, all it was doing was deploying wormable malware that spread itself.

Researchers have claimed that the malware has the capability to capture WhatsApp notifications. The malware can perform various predefined functions like reject and reply from the notification manager.

The app asks for various permissions including notification and battery optimization. These permissions allow the app to access WhatsApp notifications and bypass auto-shutdown for battery optimization respectively.

The malware and its method of deployment have exposed Google’s app store authentication policy. Google was not able to detect the malware as there are no vulnerabilities detected in the WhatsApp messenger.

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