Beware of fake email from “cPanel Admin”

cPanel is a very popular web and email hosting configuration panel used by corporate for their official email ids.

Net Protector Labs this morning at 8:00 AM has detected and analysed a phishing attack being sent out to users. The subject of the email is “Webmail Login Security Alert”.  The users are tricked to click the link. The user is asked to “Please confirm your activity and make sure that it was you”. The user may not have logged in to webmail at such an early hour in INDIA i.e. 7:27 AM when the email was received, So they may click on the link as they will suspect that some hacker may have logged in to their account.

The link takes the user to the landing fraud page which show logos of various email software and asks for email password.

This page is also not blocked or detected by Chrome at the time of this blog post.

Hackers continue their attack even in Covid pandemic Lockdown period.

To stay safe from these types of phishing mail attacks, Use NPAV Total Security.

! Stay Home, Stay Protected with NPAV Total Security !




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