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Common ways through which hackers can enter

Now a days internet is so huge. No one can say that i am safe on internet, no one will attack my computer.

But every computer is a target for Hackers

Unprotected computers can be valuable for hackers because of their computing power and internet connections.A hacker can simply add it a botnet or use it as a zombie computer to send out


Alert..! United Parcel Service (UPS) spam Circulated rapidly

United Parcel Service (UPS) spam Circulated rapidly. We are seeing rise in scam email posing as tracking mail notification from US based delivery company United Parcel Service. The mail pretends to be from UPS it has subject line “Status update for tracking# 60415441”, “Delivery problem” etc..

It notify user…


Fake income tax refund Notification emails making rounds

Cyber criminals are sending fake emails about income tax Refund Notification. This is a latest cyber crime activity by cyber criminals pretending to be from Australian Taxation Office where they are trying to trap innocent users aimed at extracting bank details in the pretext of tax refund notification. This type of emails not sent by any government authorities.

Fraudulent email original text :


WhatsApp Scam: Do not accept invitation to try the new ‘Calling Feature’

WhatsApp users across the world are being targeted by the cyber scammers who are circulating fake messages inviting users to test the new calling features that fills the phone with dangerous malware.

However, these feature  has not been rolled out officially,

To use the feature, a user must meet the following two criteria: