Alert..!! Facebook porn scam are in Circulation

A new Virus masked by a porn picture is creating havoc on facebook. 1000 are getting infected every minute. You will be next…??

The scam works by a Facebook friend sharing what appears to be a pornographic videoclip, tagging in up to 20 of their friends. Upon visiting,like,share,and comment these link, user will get a preview of a porn video which eventually stops and ask for downloading a (fake) flash player to continue the preview.

The fake flash player is the downloader of the actual malware.



Of course, the download does not fix the problem, instead infecting your computer with a trojan that will continue the cycle, tagging in your friends in the shared video. Interestingly, the scam is platform agnostic, able to detect what device the user is visiting the link from, and pointing them in the direction of the right malware for them. it can distribute malware to “Android phones, PCs, PlayStation consoles, TV sets, smart cars, and media players.”

Users with Net Protector Antivirus will protected from such malware.

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