Using ERP Software or Accounting software over RDP? Beware of Hackers from Ukraine / Russia

Many Indian Corporates have their Accounting / ERP software running on servers and used over RDP for several benefits. Faster operation, Access from remote location, branch operation and sometimes accessing from roaming laptops.

NPAV Lab has seen several hackers gaining access to corporate servers using brute force attacks or bots or malware which can steal your login credentials.

Hackers can then run mining malware / ransomware or simply steal private and confidential corporate data. Corporate face this huge security risk and their data and server are open and exposed to hacker attacks.

Once an attacker has access via RDP, they can do pretty much anything within the hacked account’s privilege limits. Criminals who have gained administrator access can do more or less anything they want, install malware, steal company data, encrypt files and much more.

This level of disruption can have an enormous impact on a company’s reputation, finances and day-to-day operations.

Net Protector Server Edition and Total Security has multi-layer security to defend and protect the critical ERP servers from such RDP attacks.


Attackers can also look for other credentials for higher-privilege or administrator accounts in order to move throughout the network.

Use NPAV Total Security for RDP protection which identifies and blocks out the criminals and secures your server.


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