Data breach at OnePlus lead to exposure of customer order information

OnePlus has established itself as one of the leading smartphone and accessory manufacturer around the globe.

OnePlus has millions of customers around the world and has succeeded in gaining customer satisfaction and trust in a very short span of time. OnePlus has recently announced a data breach which leads to the exposure of some customer order information. The leaked information included names, contact numbers, emails, and shipping addresses. OnePlus has claimed that the data breach did not contain any payment-related information of the customers.

OnePlus has notified it’s customers about the data breach and has ensured that their data is safe. The company has also alerted its users about not sharing their sensitive data through emails or messages as the data breach can lead to certain phishing attacks.

Data loss and breaches are becoming very common and we hear about them quite frequently. Data breaches and leakages can not only lead to various cyber attacks but can cause huge damage to businesses and their workings. For a company or firm that mostly deals with sensitive data of customers, even a minute breach or loss of data can turn out to be disastrous. NPAV suggests to always keep multiple backups of all your sensitive data so that it can be retrieved on being lost.

Use NPAV and join us on a mission to secure the cyber world.

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