Data containing SMS and personal information of millions of Americans compromised online

Security researchers have found insecure data hosting on a company based in the USA.

TrueDialog is a firm that provides texting solutions to various businesses in the USA and has sensitive data of its customers stored in databases. “” is the host ID of the firm which was found on several occasions while monitoring the data. Running on Oracle Marketing Cloud and hosted on Microsoft Azure, TrueDialog contains millions of text messages, usernames and passwords, phone numbers of recipients and users, status indicators of messages sent and certain other account details.

The size of compromised data was 604 GB, which is a huge amount of data that will surely affect a large sector of people. The amount of data leaked can be easily utilized by spammers, malicious campaigners and hackers to target a large number of users. Such incidences can be used by market rivals to conduct bad publicity among the users.

Every company and firm that deals with user data that can affect both the user and company must follow proper security norms. Proper backup of databases and regular maintenance of data warehouses must be kept on check. Proper data encryption and access control mechanisms must be applied to sensitive data.

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