CERT informs about gigantic phishing attacks by malicious actors that are expected today

CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) of India has declared that phishing attacks will start from June 21.

Government has informed the people of the nation about the phishing attacks that are going to surface nationwide. The phishing attacks will mostly mimic government’s notice about some official news related to COVID-19 pandemic.

“The phishing campaign is expected to use malicious emails under the pretext of local authorities in charge of dispensing government-funded COVID-19 support initiatives. Such emails are designed to drive recipients towards fake websites where they are deceived into downloading malicious files or entering personal and financial information,” CERT-In said in a statement.

The malicious actors have millions of email ids and are planning to send malicious mails to the residents of Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Ahmedabad, inciting them to provide personal information.

These malicious actors are planning to create fake email IDs impersonating various authorities. The email ID expected to be used for the phishing campaign towards Indian individuals and organizations is expected to be from email such as ‘ncov2019@gov.in’.

The cyber security organization has informed people about the attacks and have asked them to not open any link or download any attachment shared via such emails. These attachments and links can be malicious and can cause trouble for the users.

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