Hacker are sending “Microsoft Protected Excel” attachment to steal email passwords

Today 14-July-2020, at NPAV Lab we have analysed and intercepted a new cyber attack by hackers.

The hackers send out emails to corporate or work email ids, asking for products and requesting user to open the attachments. The emails quotes, “Check the attachment in Excel and continue with us before we make payments”.

Many staff of billing, accounts and order processing departments may easily believe that the email is a genuine order or invoice. They also mention “outbreak of the corona virus” in their emails to trick the receiver to believe that the email is from a genuine customer.

NPAV Cybersecurity experts have analysed such emails hitting the corporate mailboxes. Some work from home devices may not have installed Net Protector Total security software, and might me under the risk posed by these phishing scams.

The attachment on opening seems like a “Microsoft Protected Excel Sheet” but actually it is a deceptive html file, which looks like an Excel sheet requesting for email password.

User could catch the bait and submit their email password to the hacker, who can further gain access to confidential data on the email id and cause considerable financial loss to the organisation.

Install Net Protector on your office and home devices for security from such emails.

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