235m user records from YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram were leaked by a data scraping firm

Researchers have claimed that the leaked data was accessible without any authentication.

Social data is an agency that provides data of influencers to marketers. However, in a recent research the agency was found to have leaked data of 235 million users openly over the internet.

192,392,954 records from Instagram, 42,129,799 records from TikTok, and 3,955,892 records from YouTube were leaked respectively. The origination of the data points at another non-functioning company named Deep Social.

The organization allegedly has no link with Social Data but nonetheless has been notorious for illegal data scraping in the past. The data exposed includes usernames, full names, contact information, images, follower statistics, age, gender, and a few more details.

After reporting the data loss, database was taken offline but the researchers are not sure about the stretch of exploitation. There are many malicious threat actors who could use this data for their benefits.

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