Fake pending message notifications are being sent out by hackers in their new phishing scam

Phishing emails with fake undelivered message notifications are landing in user inboxes.

NPAV lab has recently found a new phishing campaign that has been launched by hackers. The phishing campaign is using notice and alerts to trick users into its trap.

The email layout shown above contains a notifying email with a “Release pending messages to your inbox” button. If the user clicks on the button, the email redirects the user to a login page which demands for user credentials.

If the user ends up sharing the email id and password, the page will steal the credential and forward it to the hacker responsible for the scam. Hacker conducting the scam has full control of this login page and can further use the stolen credentials for their benefit.

NPAV recommends users to stop sharing their credentials to such pages no matter how authentic they look. Hackers can steal the credentials of the users and use them to sabotage security and privacy of the user.

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