Data of millions of Airtel India users leaked online by hackers

Hackers have claimed that they have stolen the private and sensitive data of Airtel India users.

The team of hackers claiming the data breach goes by the name “Red Rabbit Team”. Apparently, hackers are now selling Airtel India’s database for $3500 in BTC and as proof, details of 2.5 million customers have already been leaked on a website operated by the group on the dark web.

The leaked data contains various personal details of the users which include:

  • City
  • Gender
  • Full names
  • Date of birth
  • Service status
  • Phone numbers
  • House numbers
  • Aadhaar numbers
  • Passport numbers
  • Voter ID number
  • Father/Husband name
  • IMSI (International mobile subscriber identity) numbers.

Hackers have also uploaded a shell on one of Airtel’s servers which allows them to control it. Hackers have also leaked an email conversation between them and the Airtel team related to the hack. The leaked chat is dated back to December 2020, which simply means that Airtel was aware of the breach since then.

Reportedly, Airtel has denied suffering a data breach stating that there has been a number of inaccuracies in claims made by the group. The company further added that it has analyzed the leaked data and most of it doesn’t belong to Airtel’s customers.

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